- Monitor -


Frequency Response -

40hz - 20khz (30hz in room)


8ohm (7.7ohm min at 7khz)

Efficiency - 

90 dB

Power Handling

150w (max. 1000w)


W 280mm x H 450mm x D 330mm

Drivers -

28mm Neo Dome Tweeter

220mm Midwoofer


18kg each

Our first 2 way stand mount Monitor with our own proprietary Paper cone 220mm Mid woofer providing a very low distortion bass and midrange, linear frequency response and impedance, coupled with low inductance powerful motor to provide excellent sound dynamics, midrange purity and lastly a capable bass to fill up any sized domestic and studio room. 

We selected one of the best dome tweeter in the industry, with powerful neodymium motor, excellent treated dome and loaded with short waveguide to provide excellent dispersion to match our Mid woofer.

The Monitor tuned to be true to your music source and capable to replay your choice of music and suitable for Studio as monitoring duty.

Available soon! Ships worldwide and comes with money back satisfaction guarantee.