Red Velvet Speaker Cable (1.8m Standard Length)

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Red Velvet Spk Cable.jpg

Red Velvet Speaker Cable (1.8m Standard Length)


Vermouth Red Velvet Speaker Cable is development from the phenomenal Vermouth Black Curse Speaker Cable. We are taking the performance of the predecessor Black Curse into another level with a More advanced technology, cable geometry and material. 9AWG Hybrid Multisize UPOCC Conductor with unique geometry are used and with the termination by our latest Cold Forging technology, the outcome performance is just simply breathtaking and outstanding.

Vermouth Red Velvet will carry signals in an extremely accurate manner and bring out the smallest detail in a most astounding holographic way possible. Soundstage, instruments & voices are presented as close as the original recordings. Every little frequencies and details are just in the right place making this cables as a serious contenders for any competitors costing far beyond its price point. Trully a stellar perfomer!

- 9AWG Hybrid Multi size UPOCC Conductor with unique geometry
- Cold Forging Termination Rhodium Plated Tellurium Banana Plug & Spade Connector
- Air Tube to make spacing between the conductors to eliminate cross talk and absorbing internal vibration
- Noise Rejection Paper Warp & Soft Stranded Cotton to protect cable from interference
- Very Flexible 19mm diameter Cable Jacket

$822.00 per 1.8m /pair

for every additional 0.3m length /pair is $63

From Mono and Stereo

"Vermouth Audio cables slick looking, transparent and fast in transients. Most importantly music gets conveyed without wondering whats happening wrong within cables domain."

From Positive Feedback

"But I can say with an honest heart that these cables will take you straight to the goal, which is to extract emotions from music recordings. Very resolving, not overly selective and not emphasizing the attack of sound, they foster the feeling of a much more expensive product."
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